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Space Clearing With Feng Shui

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Definition of Feng Shui

Feng Shui translates to mean wind and water; feng means wind, and shui means water. (Feng Shui is pronounced fung shway.)


Chi represents the universal energy that flows through all things. (Chi is pronounced chee.)

Sheng Chi

Sheng Chi is vibrant, uplifting energy that feels fresh, airy, auspicious and bright. Examples of sheng chi are: a beautiful, cared for garden; a gently flowing river or calm ocean; the moon in a waxing stage; nature; an environment of simplicity; or a space in which people are happy, healthy and prosperous.

Si Chi

Si chi is a stagnant, draining, stifling, decaying energy. Examples of si chi is a city dump; a new moon phase; or a place where a tragedy occurred such as a battlefield. A person with depression has too much si chi.

Sha Chi

Sha chi is harsh, sharp or irritating energy. Sha energy ‘points’ at you in some way (known as ‘poison arrows’). For example, if you stand at the corner of a building or sit at the corner of a table; if someone points a finger at you, or beams a light at you; these are invasive, disturbing disruptions of chi. Sha can also refer to clutter, a discordant atmosphere, or anything that generally brings about unpleasant, uneasy or negative feelings. Examples of sha chi is a house at the end of a T-junction; sharp corners pointed at your bed; prickly cactus or spiky plant leaves; ceiling beams; hanging shelves or jutting ledges; or a place that is dangerous. Feeling anger is experiencing sha chi.

Yin Yang

Energy in feng shui can also be further categorized as yin or yang. It’s ideal to maintain these two energies in harmonious balance.

Yin is slow, steady, ‘grounded’ energy such as that which flows through objects.

Yang is swift flowing movement, uninhibited, as in open spaces.

A good imagery to describe yin yang energy is a candle. The wax represents yin, the flame represents yang.

Easy Feng Shui Cures

Hanging plants to soften ledges, broad leafy plants in or near corners (money plant or rubber plant).

Remove ornamental ceiling beams where possible, as these create an oppressive energy. If exposed ceiling beams are structural, paint them in the same colour as the ceiling (light colour or white).

In areas where chi energy flow is required to counteract excessive si or sha chi, use one or more of the following in an appropriate position:

 a perpetual fountain

 soft lighting

 mirrors, crystals or similar reflecting objects

 moving objects like wind chimes.

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