Space Clearing

Space Clearing to Create a Sacred Space

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Let energy flow around your home in a natural way.

All spaces in which you spend any considerable time should be considered peaceful, sacred and self-honouring. Clearing out any negative, stagnant or generally ‘crazy’ energy from your living or working space transform its ‘vibe’ and how you feel being within it.

When you experience the benefits to your own personal vibrancy and sense of wellbeing, you’ll have a fresh take on the importance of regularly space clearing your environment.

Simple Space Clearing

There are some very basic steps to giving a room a simple space clearing ritual.

Give the space a good clean. Dust, vacuum, and remove any excessive clutter. Make sure you are feeling well and strong, having a high vibrant energy yourself, as you proceed with the following.

Any of the 4 elements can be good tools of space clearing: water, fire (candlelight), earth (salt, crystals, flowers or plants), air (incense, bells, drums). Spraying the water, or burning incense (fanning the smoke to all corners of the room), deliberate placement of plants or crystals, followed by clapping, bell-ringing or drumming in areas of the room, all aid in shifting the energy of a space.

Set the intention of the space. Decide what the room is to be used for, including the ‘feel’ that it should have. Stand in the centre of the space and announce this, out loud, to the room.

Acknowledging the Energy

The first step to clearing any space is sensing the energy as it is in the moment and acknowledging what comes up. It’s essential to slowly walk through the space, feeling with the hands, the body, all physical senses, as well as being open and aware of any intuitive insights that may arise. All areas of the space should be ‘felt’ in this way: all corners, ceiling, windows, and especially gaps and cubbyholes.

Following the Energy

As you sense the areas, continue throughout the home or office (other areas you may be wanting to clear). Make sure to do this with the adjoining spaces such as hallways, corridors, entryways. Don’t forget cupboards, window sills, edges and ledges.


Emptying a room from furniture is ideal for a true space clearing. Definitely clear away any clutter.


Where moving the furniture temporarily to another room is not possible, shift furniture from the walls, a good 12 to 18 inches where possible, so you can thoroughly vacuum, dust, clear the floorboards and wipe down the walls. Remove any stains.

Now you’re ready to proceed with Feng Shui cures or Clear Rituals.

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