Space Clearing Clutter for Energy Flow

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Finding balance in a busy world


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Water ripples resonate like all vibrational energy


Ponder This

How does this make you feel?

  • Entering a room where there has been a lot of fun and laughter in the past.
  • Entering a room where there has been conflict or violence.

It’s no coincidence.
You’re feeling the vibe of the place.




Modern life has us running at such a pace it has our days cluttered with activities and no time for peace. At some point, something is going to give, unless we learn to create a better life balance.

A great place to start is in the home: our haven and safe place away from the demands of the world. While home in itself can represent a pile of chores, our attitude and approach can truly make home the blessed, sacred retreat that it should be.


On the subatomic level, everything is energy. Quantum physics has verified this. Everything has an energetic vibration. This vibration resonates for all eternity. Clear, vibrant energy is vital for an abundant, healthy life and home.

Energetic vibrations resonate

Imagine throwing a pebble into a pool of water. A splash occurs, then a ripple moves outward. The further it gets, the finer it is, but it is still there. It still impacts the shore, and the vibration keeps going.

This is how it is with all vibrations, all sound, all movement. If everything has an energetic vibration, then all things are affected by all things. When you look around your own environment, consider what vibrations are affecting you.

If the Walls Could Talk

Whatever happens in a space carries a vibration of sound and feeling. This vibration is absorbed by the walls, the furniture, and all the objects in the space. Anyone entering the space is likely to (if only on a subliminal or subconcious level) ‘pick up’ those vibrations. They may not be able to explain the ‘vibe’ they are feeling from a space, but it is very real.

Particularly strong are any traumatic incidents or negative emotions (shock, stress, depression), as well as repetitive activities (worry, arguments, illness) that contain within them specific moods or atmospheres. These become deeply imprinted, like grooves on an old vinyl LP. Time may pass, but those vibrations linger.

Mental and emotional imprints leave residual energy which has an effect on the people living in a space, whether they are aware of it or not.

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